ALB32-WROVER - 64Mb Flash , 32Mb PSRAM ESP32-WROOM Module

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Hello, Welcome to AnalogLamb Blogger. AnalogLamb is a online shop for ESP32 Modules & Boards, IoT Application Kits. We are glad to sharing our ideas, R&D process and lessons or experience we get.

Today I will introduce our new ESP32 modules - ALB32-WROVER.

What is the Features - ALB32-WROVER?

  • ESP32 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip inside.
  • 64Mb Flash
  • 32Mb PSRAM
  • Pins to Pins Compatible with ESP-WROOM-32 completely
  • Community Education Module
  • Size: 18 x 25 x 3 mm

It is the top side of ALB32-WROVER module. You have noted that. We can use the shield of ESP-WROOM-32(only has 32Mb Flash). But It has 64Mb Flash, 32Mb PSRAM. It is very easy to mount it on any ESP-WROOM-32 board.

It is the bottom side of ALB32-WROVER module. The Pins and dimension are same with ESP-WROOM-32 Completely.

Now we are testing the module. And Plan to release ALB32-WROVER module on Aug. 2017. You can pre-order it now.


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