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ESP32 Application Note #02 - How to connect to WiFi AP

Welcome to AnalogLamb Wordpress Blog. Today I am glad to share ESP32 Application Notes with you. ESP32 is Espressif new product, which has WiFi and Bluetooth. It is very suitable for IoT Applications. We hope you can learn about more details of ESP32 from the series - ESP32 Application Note. Buy ESP32 Modules & Boards on AnalogLamb ALB32-WROVER - 64Mb Flash, 32Mb PSRAM ESP-WROOM-32 Module Let us begin ESP32 Application Note #02 - How to connect to WiFi AP. Overview of ESP32 WiFi Programming Model. Event and Event Handler is a very import concept. Now I would like to explain the scheme of ESP32 WiFi Programming. So that we can understand it clearly. Let us view the Diagram as below. esp32 wifi programming model ESP32 wifi programming model 1), The WiFi driver can be consider as black box, it knows nothing about the high layer code, such as TCPIP stack, application task, event task etc, all it can do is to receive API call from high layer or post event queue to a

ALB32-WROVER - 64Mb Flash , 32Mb PSRAM ESP32-WROOM Module

Pre-Order Now Hello, Welcome to AnalogLamb Blogger. AnalogLamb is a online shop for ESP32 Modules & Boards, IoT Application Kits. We are glad to sharing our ideas, R&D process and lessons or experience we get. Today I will introduce our new ESP32 modules - ALB32-WROVER. What is the Features - ALB32-WROVER? ESP32 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip inside. 64Mb Flash 32Mb PSRAM Pins to Pins Compatible with  ESP-WROOM-32 completely Community Education Module Size: 18 x 25 x 3 mm It is the top side of ALB32-WROVER module. You have noted that. We can use the shield of  ESP-WROOM-32(only has 32Mb Flash). But It has 64Mb Flash, 32Mb PSRAM. It is very easy to mount it on any  ESP-WROOM-32 board. It is the bottom side of ALB32-WROVER module. The Pins and dimension are same with  ESP-WROOM-32 Completely. Now we are testing the module. And Plan to release  ALB32-WROVER module on Aug. 2017. You can pre-order it now. Pre-Order ALB32-WROVER Now B